Destination Cyprus

Cyprus Cuisine

If there is one main element that characterizes the Cypriot cuisine, it is its freshness. The other is the variety of dishes that you will find in Cyprus. The Cypriot cuisine due to its Greek, Turkish and Middle Eastern influences offers some unique dishes and culinary experiences.

Cyprus Weather

Cyprus enjoys a long, dry summer, beginning mid-May and lasting until mid-October.
During this time there is rarely any rainfall at all, and water conservation is very important.
On average, the sun shines 330 days a year and rain is only expected during the mild winter months of January and February.

Driving in Cyprus

For getting around in Cyprus, driving a car is by far the most preferred method of transport – mainly due to the somewhat irregular public transport service which does not always go to the more remote areas of the island where many places of interest are to be found. Fairly good surfaced roads complying with international traffic requirements link the towns and the various villages.

Buses and Taxis in Cyprus

Various bus companies link all major towns with daily routes at specified intervals, usually every one to two hours.(Monday-Saturday, limited service on Sundays). Bicycles can be taken on some of the buses serving the main intercity routes.